Study at the world’s biggest and most beautiful classroom Nature

Welcome to Green School, a unique educational institution that aims to teach children to learn from nature and reiterate their commitment and love for Mother Nature as future citizens. Our school is set on three acres close to the most happening Amaravathi capital region. Our mission is to provide a seamless and inspiring learning experience that fosters cognitive development, physical wellness, and happiness. With our world-class facilities and resources, we offer an exceptional education that nurtures the whole child.


It offers Integrated Curriculum with the best faculty and facilities

Our specialities

natural and seamless

At Green School, we have retained every inch of nature’s bounty in its original form and have designed the facilities accordingly.

For Every subject, exclusive ambience

Imagine botany taught in a garden, zoology in a forest, mathematics counting beautiful rocks and geography explained under sun and the sky. At Green School, we have nature’s abodes as classrooms, seamless and inspiring

Tribute to Nature – in Words & Deeds

As a beacon of environmental protection, Green School would make the students realize the importance of preserving the nature and open the window of new learning which gives quest to the young ones to be eco friendly.

These include: Exercises to understanding and promote reuse, reduce and recycle, Organic gardening, Sustainable and ethnic art forms that enhance the affinity with nature. These may include pottery, organic painting, rural arts so on afforestation